President’s Corner

by Ellen Colangelo, Ph.D., President of the San Diego Psychological Association

ellenThis is an exciting time as we launch the online edition of The San Diego Psychologist. Our new editor, Gauri Savla, has researched and designed the most user friendly way to publish the newsletter. You may agree that she has managed to retain the attractiveness and journalistic quality that we have enjoyed over the years in the hard copy versions.

Historically, each editor has brought his or her own unique style and flavor to The San Diego Psychologist. This is what keeps it vibrant and alive and motivates us to want to read it.

Gauri’s intent as editor is to have a theme to each edition; She has selected Aging for the current, Spring/Summer 2016 issue. As the boomers move into the final quarter of their lives, we begin to see more and more of the Medicare crowd in our practices, struggling with the gradual decline of strength and flexibility, minor to major cognitive decline, financial concerns, loss, and spiritual challenges that come with the existential awareness of life as impermanent. As one who is in this generation of Elders, I look forward to reading this maiden, online edition of The San Diego Psychologist.

Congratulations, Gauri, on a job well done. Special thanks to our previous editors, especially Karen Fox, our outgoing editor, who continued the strong tradition of quality that is the foundation of this publication.

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